Helping You Homeschool – Learning and Celebrating in August

Goodbye July and Hello August!

Are you ready to go back to school? Or do you homeschool year-around?

Either way are you looking for ways to put some fun in your lesson plans this month?

If so, this post should leave you with more ideas than you have time for.

This post is part of a series called

Learn and Celebrate Every Day.

If you landed on this post first, you might want to read the first post in this series,
Homeschooling: How to Learn and Celebrate Every Day.  In that post, I explain why and how I created this list.

As promised, here’s the list of public holidays and special celebrations for the month of August 2017. I’ve grouped these holidays and celebrations under subject/topic headings to make it easier for you to add some fun learning into your lesson plans every day this month.

Helping You Homeschool - Learn and Celebrate in August


Do you have a list of health topics/concerns you want your teens to know about before they leave home? I did. And I struggled with knowing when to talk about those tough topics. I learned over the years that when I could approach the topic by saying, “Did you know that today is _____ Day?” it eased me into a conversation with my teen. This month provides you the opportunity to talk with your child about drug abuse and/or grief. On a much lighter note, you can add a new and fun word to your younger child’s vocabulary: halitosis. And if you’ve been thinking about having your child’s eyes checked, do it this month. Because August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety month.

  • August 6th is National Fresh Breath Day
  • August 7-13 is Exercise with your Child Week
  • August 8th is National Happiness Happens Day
  • August 13th is Left Hander’s Day
  • August 15th is National Relaxation Day
  • August 30th is National Grief Awareness Day
  • August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day

Family, Friends, and Community

August provides several opportunities to focus on what really matters in life: the people around us.

  • August 1st is Respect for Parent’s Day
  • August 6th  is American Family Day, first Sunday in August
  • August 6th is National Friendship Day, first Sunday in August
  • August 11th is Son’s and Daughter’s Day
  • August 12th is National Middle Child’s Day
  • August 21st is Senior Citizen’s Day
  • August 22nd is Be an Angel Day

Language Arts – Reading/Literature

Heading back to school this month, August 9th is the perfect day to get your home library organized. And with 2 special celebrations in August, try adding poetry to your language arts program this month.

  • August 9th is Book Lover’s Day
  • August 18th is Bad Poetry Day
  • August 21st is Poet’s Day

This month for review, see if your high schooler can tell you the most famous work that each of these authors wrote or the author’s name who wrote each of these well-known pieces of literature.

  • On August 6th Alfred Lord Tennyson was born in 1809
  • On August 11th Alex Haley was born in 1921
  • On August 25th the Wizard of Oz premiered in 1939
  • August 30th is Frankenstein Day

Life Science – Plants

I only found one celebration for all of you plant-lovers or homeschool families studying botany this year. And Daffodil Day isn’t about a popular spring flower.

Life Science – Animals

If you have an animal-lover in your house, he can choose to learn about and celebrate a host of animals this month.

  • August is International Homeless Animals Day
  • August 5th is National Oyster Day
  • August 7th is Sea Serpent Day
  • The week of August 7th-13th is International Assistance Dog Week
  • August 10th is World Lion Day
  • August 12th is World Elephant Day
  • August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day
  • August 19th is World/International Orangutan Day
  • August 20th is World Honey Bee Day and World Mosquito Day
  • August 26th is National Dog Day
  • August 30th is International Whale Shark Day
  • August 30th is also National Holistic Pet Day

Earth Science and Space 

  • August is National Water Quality Month
  • On August 5th, Neil Armstrong was born in 1930
  • On August 9th, Smokey the Bear began his career in 1944
  • August 24th is Vesuvius Day

Science and Technology

  • August 16th is National Airborne Day
  • August 19th is Aviation Day which is also Orville Wright’s birthday (1871)
  • August 23rd is National Ride the Wind Day


Over the years, I used a list of historical dates, celebrations, and holidays as a “What do you Know”/”What can you Tell me About” exercise. I often began the day’s or week’s history lesson by finding out if my children knew these famous people and important historical events. When they were younger, I focused on the time period we were covering that year. When our children were in high school, I used this as a review. If they didn’t know one of these famous people or important historical event, I had them research what they didn’t know and report back to me.

  • On August 1st Francis Scott Key was born in 1779
  • August 6th is Hiroshima Day
  • On August 10th Herbert Hoover was born in 1874
  • August 23rd marks the fall of the Aztec Empire in 1512
  • On August 13th Annie Oakley was born in 1860
  • August 14th is Navajo Code Talker’s Day
  • August 14th/15th is V-J Day
  • On August 17 Davy Crockett was born in 1786
  • On August 19th William Clinton was born in 1946
  • On August 22 Ann Franklin was born in 1762
  • August 23rd marks the First National Women’s Rights Convention
  • August 26th is Susan B. Anthony Day
  • On August 27th Mother Teresa was born in 1910
  • August 28th is Dream Day
  • August 28th is Pony Express Day

Culture – Geography, Art, and Music

If you’re like me, art makes it to the lesson plan book every year. However, art lessons rarely happen each week during the school year. Since August has several art-focused celebrations, see if you can find the time this August to do and appreciate art.

  • August is American Art Appreciation Month
  • Worldwide Art Day is in August (couldn’t confirm date)
  • August 2nd is National Coloring Book Day which has its own webpage
  • August 9th is International Art Appreciation Day
  • August 19th is World Photography Day

Sad to say, our children studied music less than art. But this month you and your children could learn to sing in the round, meet a rock-in-roll icon, and learn about musical instruments from around the world.

  • August 1st is Round Resounding Day
  • The 2nd week of August is Elvis Week
  • August 24th is International Strange Music Day

Just for Fun 

  • August 4th is National Backgammon Day
  • August 5th is Work Like a Dog Day
  • August 12th is National Bowling Day (always the 2nd Sat in August)
  • August 16th is National Roller Coaster Day
  • On August 25th our National Park Service celebrates its 101th Birthday
  • August 29th is According to Hoyle Day
  • August 30th is National Slinky Day

I realize this list has too many ideas than you have time. I shared all of these ideas with you so you could find something your family would enjoy learning about and celebrating every day this month. It wasn’t my intent to overwhelm you with so many choices.

We never had time to celebrate every day of every month throughout our homeschool journey. I looked at these learning opportunities as supplemental. Since I homeschooled each child 13 years from kindergarten through high school, we had many days to learn, celebrate, and have fun with these public holidays and special celebrations which turned out to be ideal educational opportunities.

Just pick and choose a few celebrations this month. Then take your time and have some fun with your children as you learn about what’s most interesting to your family.

When you do, I suspect you’ll be amazed at what you and your children learn while celebrating this August.

Take the time to enjoy this month with your children.

Because this journey will be over before you know  it.

P.S. Come back at the end of the month and let us know what your family enjoyed learning and celebrating this August.

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