Homeschool Curricula – A stands for A Beka

I found A Beka the first year I started homeschooling.

If you haven’t taken a look at A Beka, here’s the official link.

My first homeschool friend introduced me to this Christian publisher. It was my new friend’s first year of homeschooling too. But unlike me, she had always dreamed of homeschooling her children.

If you’ve just found this site and want to know how are homeschooling journey began,
you can how it started in 2003 here.

This friend had done her research and had chosen to use the complete A Beka program for her oldest, a kindergartener.

It was my first year homeschooling, too. I had just pulled our daughter out of public school. And I had no idea what curriculum to use.

This fellow first year homeschool mom introduced me to A Beka.

Even though I never chose A Beka for its boxed-curriculum, I did use several A Beka products during our homeschooling journey.

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A list of A Beka products we used:

  • A Beka Arithmetic 1-4 and Arithmetic Concept Cards
  • Science texts at the elementary level
  • Oral Language Exercises for grades 4-6
  • Health in Christian Perspective for grades 8-12

What I liked/disliked about the A Beka products we used:

A Beka Arithmetic 1-4 and Arithmetic Concept Cards

For a new homeschool mom, this was a great start for me teaching and our children learning basic math concepts. A Beka math is thorough, uses a spiral approach, and is colorful.

* Let me know if you’d like to know why I decided to start with A Beka.

I didn’t purchase the A Beak Arithmetic Concept Cards the first year we homeschooled, because it didn’t fit into the budget. When I later saw these cards at a used book sale, I decided to try them.

Since the A Beka Arithmetic Concept Cards are an easy and effective way to reinforce and drill mathematical concepts (like shapes, money, time, math terms, and more) I wish I had bought these cards sooner.

I’d highly recommend this resource. I think these cards are pricey, so look for a set at a used book sale. These cards could supplement whatever math program you’re currently using.

A Beka Science Texts for elementary students.

My momma has always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

Well, I’ll keep this short. I bought and attempted to use Enjoying God’s World for 2nd graders and Understanding God’s World for 4th graders. I found myself using the table of contents to make a list of topics I should cover with our children. Then I went to the library and brought home nonfiction books on these topics. I did not like or use these two A Beka science texts.

If you’d like another opinion, check out Cathy Duffy’s review of A Beka Science Texts here.

Since Oral Language Exercises* by William A. Kappele is one resource I wouldn’t homeschool without, I’ll write a separate post on this resource if anyone is interested.

Health in Christian Perspective for grades 8-12.

Our family used this book to fulfill our state’s requirement for 1/2 credit of Health in high school. Our children were not a fan of this product for two reasons: the topic and the tests. I enjoyed the topic. (I was a pediatric physical therapist before a homeschool mom.) But I agree with our children, I didn’t like the tests either.

However, we all enjoyed discussing and looking up scripture on the biblical discernment topics of suicide, abortion, euthanasia, and organ donation that were included in this text.

Even though I didn’t like all of A Beka’s curriculum, I’m thankful for this homeschooling resource. I’m thankful because these A Beka products got our family where we are today: two homeschool graduates and honor students at college.

What A Beka products have you incorporated into your homeschool?

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