Homeschool Grammar Programs we used from First Grade through High School

A popular question at the beginning of the school year, at Christmas break, and when preparing for the next school year is …

What are you using for _______? (fill in the blank with any subject)

Helping you Homeschool - Homeschool Grammar ProgramsWhen I was a homeschool mom, I was curious about what other homeschool families were using for grammar. I was so thankful when another homeschool mom who was ahead of me on this journey shared with me what they used for each subject. It was helpful to me to find out what was working or not working for other homeschool families.

That’s why I’m sharing what we did for each subject from kindergarten through high school. And today, I’m sharing what our family used for grammar.

But before I do, please note that what worked for our family may or may not work for your family.

When mentoring other homeschool moms about what to use to teach any subject, I suggest that they consider 3 things:

  1. the reason for teaching that subject;
  2. their child’s predominant learning style and their preferred teaching style; and
  3. the season of life their currently in.

With those considerations, this was our journey through homeschool grammar programs.

Our Journey through Homeschool Grammar Programs

1st and 2nd Grade –  First Language Lessons by Jessie Wise

3rd Grade – Beginning Wisely: English 3 by Rod & Staff

4th Grade – Building with Diligence: English 4 by Rod & Staff

5th Grade – Following the Plan: English 5 by Rod & Staff for our daughter
5th Grade for our son – Hot Fudge Monday: Tasty Ways to Teach Parts of Speech to Students Who Have a Hard Time Swallowing Anything to Do with Grammar by Randy Lawson

6th Grade – Progress with Courage: English 6 by Rod & Staff for our daughter
6th Grade for our son – Discouraged, I gave up on grammar programs and created my own lesson plans.

7th Grade – Book 1: Basics of Communicating Effectively by Applications of Grammar for daughter
7th Grade for our son – Attempted a Grammar Review with his sister who was in 9th grade, when that didn’t work, we tried  Saxon Grammar and Writing 7

8th Grade – Analytical Grammar by Robin R. Finlay for daughter
8th Grade for our son – Finished Saxon Grammar and Writing

9th Grade – Created a Grammar Review using all the programs we had used for our daughter.
9th Grade for son –

10th-12th Grade – No formal grammar program. We reviewed and corrected mechanics and usage in their writing assignments and during ACT prep. We used Rod & Staff English Handbook as a resource.


3rd Grade through High School- Oral Language Exercises from Abeka

Middle School
Better Sentence Structure through Diagramming published by Instructional Fair
Fix It! Grammar published by Institute for Excellence in Writing

High School
Editor-in-Chief from The Critical Thinking Company

I hope this list helps you choose what to use (or not to use) to teach your children grammar.

For some of these programs, I’ve provided a link for you so you can research and determine if any of these program would be a good fit for your family. Some of these links are affiliate links. I earn a small commission if you purchase from these links. I did not receive free products from these companies. And the small commission is used to host and maintain this blog.  All links were working when this post was published. If you find a link not working, please let me know so I can fix it for you and others.

In the next post, I’ll be sharing the answers to a list of FAQs that I’ve been asked about teaching grammar.

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