Homeschool Science – A Successful Journey despite…

Fretting over which science curriculum to use? Wondering if you’re doing enough science?

I fretted and I wondered when I was homeschooling our two children.

In 2017, I completed my 15th and final year as a homeschool mom.

As a homeschool mentor, science is a subject I get asked about a lot.

Since many homeschool moms have asked me about what we used for science, I’ve recently shared what homeschool science programs our family used from kindergarten through high school graduation.

Helping You Homeschool - What are you using for Science?

If you missed those posts, you can read about what we used:

I shared our journey through homeschool science programs NOT because I think this is the path for you to follow. I shared what we used for two reasons:

  1. because so many homeschool moms have asked me.
  2. because I now see that our journey through science was a success.

It was a success because our children learned about science topics and how to do science experiments.

They learned despite the fact that:

  • I did my own thing and created thematic studies on science topics without being a certified teacher.
  • We didn’t use expensive programs. In fact, we used workbooks I found at Sam’s Wholesale Club and I didn’t pay a cent for all the library books we read.
  • Our journey didn’t stay on track with The Well-Trained Mind recommendations.
  • I followed our children’s interest which led us to study animals for two years in a row.
  • We changed programs almost yearly and we didn’t finish every science program we started.
  • Our son didn’t do science every year.
  • We took advantage of outside resources like monthly science classes at our local natural history museum and that’s all the science we did.
  • Our children didn’t take AP Science classes in high school
  • I never found a science curricula I loved in 15 years of homeschooling.

Despite all of this, I now see that our homeschooling journey was a success.

I couldn’t see it each year I homeschooled. And every year I doubted that we had covered enough science.

But in the end, our children did learn enough science. Both of them scored high on the science subtest of the ACT. And one of them is pursuing a college degree in the science field.

At the end of this homeschooling journey, I realize that I spent too much time fretting over which homeschool science program to use and wondering if we had covered enough science.

In the end, it didn’t matter what curriculum we used. What mattered was our children were steadily learning science each year. Since we can’t teach our children every science topic, why not teach our children how to follow their interests and become life-long learners.


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