Homeschool Science Programs we used in High School

Do you wonder what homeschool science programs other homeschool families are using?

A question that always gets ask when a group of homeschool moms gather is:

“What are you using for ______?”  (fill in the blank with any subject)

Today I’m finishing the series “Homeschool Curricula we’ve Used” by sharing what homeschool science programs we used in high school.

Helping You Homeschool - Homeschool Science Programs in High School

Homeschool Science Programs we used in High School

Two Quick Notes:

  • If you missed what homeschool science programs we used:
    • in elementary school, you can read that post here.
    • in middle school, you can read that post here.
  • Asterisks (*) indicate that I’d be happy to write a post about any of these topics.
    Just let me know by leaving a comment below.

In high school, both of our children followed the same path through these homeschool science texts by Apologia.

9th grade

Exploring Creation with Biology*. For our daughter, her 9th grade year was the year we spent on the road traveling across the US. She did not work through this textbook, but I did use the table of contents in this textbook to make sure we covered each topic. On the other hand, our son worked through this textbook and earned an honors credit*.

10th grade

Exploring Creation with Chemistry. Both of our children took honors chemistry at a local homeschool tutorial and used this textbook. Since I knew both of them wanted to go to college and our daughter wanted to study engineering, I knew she needed the lab experience that I couldn’t provide her at home. As for our son, he needed the experience of having another teacher other than mom.

11th grade

Exploring Creation with Physics. Our children also used this textbook at the same local homeschool tutorial.

12th grade –

I considered Apologia’s Advanced Physics for our daughter because she knew she wanted to go to   college and pursue a degree in engineering. However, at a homeschool convention I talked with an Apologia representative who told me that that their Advanced Physics doesn’t focus on physics for engineers.

I have since found Saxon Physics, which is an engineering physics course. We did not use this program, but you may want to check it out if your child wants to be an engineer.

Since they had completed  Tennessee’s requirement for graduation of 3 science credits (Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and one other science lab course) neither one of our children took a science class their senior year in high school.

One last comment:

Even though I split what we used for science into 3 posts, there’s still so much more that I could share. Since other homeschool moms have wanted to know more about how I taught science, I’d be happy to write a post about:

* how one of our children earned an honors credit in biology and why the other one did not
* what I assigned for our animal-loving daughter who couldn’t bear to dissect an animal

Or if  you have specific science questions about high school science, please fell free to contact me by leaving a comment below or sending me a private e-mail (

I’m here to help you.

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