Homeschool Science Programs We Used in K-4th grade

Do you wonder what homeschool science programs other homeschool families are using?

A frequently asked question at the beginning of the school year, at Christmas break, and when preparing for the next school year is…

“What are you using for                 ?” (fill the blank with any subject )

Today I’m sharing what homeschool science programs we used in continuation of the series “Homeschool Curricula we’ve Used”.

With so many different programs to share and not wanting to overwhelm you, I decided to split what we used for science into three posts. Today I’ll be sharing share what homeschool science programs we used when our children were in elementary school.

In elementary school and part of middle school, our family did science together. Even though our children were two grades apart, doing science together worked well for us until our oldest started 7th grade.

Helping You Homeschool - What we used for Science in grades K-4

Homeschool Curricula We’ve Used for Science

Two Quick Notes:

  • When you see two grades listed together, it means both of our children used that program at the same time. The first grade listed is for our oldest and the second grade listed is for our son that same school year.
  • Asterisks (*) indicate that other homeschool moms have asked me about this. If you have questions too, I’d be happy to write a post about any of the topics with an asterisks that I mention in this post. Just let me know by leaving a comment below.


I started homeschooling after pulling our daughter out of the public school system after the 5th week of kindergarten. Knowing little about homeschooling and nothing about homeschool science programs, I incorporated a study of animals and the human body during our A to Z  Adventure* to teach our daughter how to read. We read animal books from the library and I found a workbook at Sam’s Wholesale Club that I used as a reference, The Complete Book of Animals for Grades 1-3 published by McGraw-Hill.

1st Grade/PreK

Using recommendations I read in The Well-Trained Mind, we studied the Life Sciences studies using The Usborne Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Natural World and library books.

2nd Grade/Kindergarten

A look at Earth Science using library books and focusing on biomes and more animal studies. When our children were young, I let there interests guide what we studied. As you can see we learned a lot about animals.

3rd/1st Grade

Life and Earth Science using A Beka’s Exploring God’s World/Discovering God’s World. I switched to a textbook approach because it was time-consuming to find science books each week at the library. This switch wasn’t a good fit for us, because our children didn’t find the text interesting and I didn’t see that it was challenging. We only used these textbooks for half the year. As for the second half of that year, I can’t find a record of anything we did for science from January to May that school year.

4th/2nd Grade

A study of Space using Jeannie Fulbright’s Exploring Creation with Astronomy. Our family liked this homeschool science program better than A Beka’s. The book held our interest, both children learned, and we finished the book.

3rd Grade for our Son

Following the rotation schedule in The Well-Trained Mind, we studied Chemistry using Christian Kids Explore Chemistry by Robert W. and Elizabeth J. Ridlon. As a homeschool mom, I liked this program. As homeschool students: Our daughter didn’t mind this program, but she didn’t enjoy the subject matter. As for our son, this program designed for 4th-8th graders was too advanced for him.

4th Grade for our Son

Using The Usborne Internet-Linked Science Encyclopedia, we studied a hodgepodge of science topics* based on the topics for a homeschool science class held at our local natural history museum

If you want to know more about:

*what I assigned our children to do while using these homeschool science programs or

*what our A to Z Adventure in kindergarten looked like or

*how I made a study of a hodgepodge of science topics work for us

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